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Question about BofA BT terms

Just got a BofA card with 0% on BT and a $50 bonus after $500 spend. I spent the $500, paid it off, and was about to do the BT, when I saw this in the fine print:"If you revolve your balance to take advantage of a Balance Transfer or Direct Deposit, all transactions and balances, including Purchases, will be charged interest."Does this mean I need to wait for the statement to close in order to do the BT? Anyone have any experience with them actually enforcing this provision? Or am I misreading it, and "revolve your balance" means something different?Thanks in advance for the help.(I've sent a message to BofA asking for clarification, but I have much more faith in the FW community to answer accurately.)Deposits Deals

Posted: Aug 21, 2012      Source: fat wallet